International Conference

International Conference
The area is about 600 m2, 383 seats, suitable to hold a large learning seminar or report and other meetings, which could be used with payment and you should book it one month in advance.
(A) Meeting system
1. The digital meeting facilities takes the unit main body with central control, the professional operator of the Museum conduct the centralized control in the control room.
2. The sound equipment of speaker is divided into 5 loops, the contents of the meeting could be transmitted to each of the participator of the meeting very clearly.
3. The double-card automatic tape returning recorder set could supply recording service to the meeting.
4. Simultaneous interpretation, supporting 3 languages.
(B) Video and audio system
1. It has 3 sets of TV projectors, the 3 sets of TV projectors could independently choose to input signals or simultaneously play the same video, the multimedia memory includes tape recorder, laser DVD, data indicator, and special effect treatment device and so on.
2. Video distribution equipment, it could simultaneously transmit the video signal to the platform, briefing Table, rest area, check in area and connected to seminar room.
3. Photography equipment, editing facility, we could supply the service of entire kinescope, treatment for special effects and montage, editing and so on.
(C) Film play
The rear control room could carry out the film play at the time designated, and automatically close the Projector, curtain and light orderly.
(D) Meeting functions
It could supply the service of speech tracing and positioning photography to a general meeting, if needs DVR kinescope and recording, it also supports this function.
(E) Briefing function
When the meeting needs briefing, you could use the information video and audio faceplate on the left and right of the platform, together with the notebook computer and other equipments to play the projection film, and automatically close the projector, curtain and the lights of most front line and the LED display of the platform, so as to enable the guests on the platform could realize the contents comfortably and clearly.
(F) Teaching function
When use it for teaching, you could also use the projector and the epidiascope and projection film play and other relative equipments, make the teaching contents much more easily realized.