Pranks in the Monlight

Organizer: CAFA Art Museum, Sweden Embassy in Beijing
Opening: 4.00 pm, October 26, 2017
Duration: October 26- December 3, 2017
Venue: Floor 1 Gallery, CAFA Art Museum

THE ARTIST TORSTEN JURELL is a multifaceted artist who for the past 11 years has chosen to make China the base for his artistic endeavours. He has intentionally taken up residence in Jingdezhen, China’s “porcelain capital”, where today’s vibrant craftsmanship is founded on an illustrious history stretching back over thousands of years. It is in this seething, dynamic hotbed of contemporary artistic expression that Jurell has created the sculptures in the current exhibition.

Torsten Jurell has created the exhibition PRANKS IN THE MOONLIGHT built around the novel concept of a fictitious travelling marionette theatre. As a consequence, CAFA Art Museum is invaded by a motley collection of actors – timeless, androgynous citizens of the world. A cornucopia of shadow play, sculptures, light and sound. The exhibition is an exhibition project that Jurell has been working on over the past few years both in China and at Swedes Royal Institute of Art.

“Dolls” is perhaps the word some people may choose to describe the nine actors in Jurell’s theatre. The artist himself calls them performers. Otherwise he prefer the term marionettes; puppet theatre characters is not really the correct term either, as it is glove puppets that are most commonly used in a puppet theatre. But the most serious objection he have to the term “dolls” is that it implies something you play with, playthings whose sole purpose is mere amusement. Calling them marionettes enhances the importance of these figures. Admittedly, there is no getting away from the fact that they are indeed “dolls” – figurines used for entertainment – but first and foremost they are artists performing in a play. Someone pulls their strings, guides their movements, and controls their lives. By making this distinction, Jurell is also making the point that he is investing part of his life in work that is deadly serious, even when it is fun. This is not child’s play.

... And so it wasnight!
with a shudder the moon sank
a fraction

behindwarring stars
the sun
whichotherwise never waits




Welcometo the World of the Marionettes!