Diamond Leaves:Brilliant Artist Books from around the World
Diamond Leaves: Brilliant Artist Books from around the World

Exhibition Time:

Exhibition Venue:
2nd Floor, CAFA Art Museum

Opening Ceremony:
2012/09/18  15:00

CAFA Art Museum

Xu Bing
Marshall Weber

China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Booklyn Artists Alliance
Artron Enterprises (Group) Limited

Wen Jin Engraving Printing Museum
Bernard Quaritch Limited

"Diamond Leaves" is an exhibition of  major and innovative Artist Books created throughout history with a focus on recent artists books from the 21st Century. The exhibition features ambitious artists books that challenge the limitations of the book form and experiment with the integration of text and image. The exhibition is survey of the current cutting edge artwork being done in the medium of artists books and a visual review of the historical context of this dynamic medium.