DECODE:Digital Design Sensations

Exhibition Date:20 October - 21 November, 2010
Exhibition Opening: 10am 19 October, 2010
Venue: CAFA Art Museum 3A,3B
Organisers: CAFA Art Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum
Sponsor: SAP

The exhibition is co-curated by Victoria & Albert Museum and onedotzero

Decode: Digital Design Sensations showcases the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based, graphics to large-scale installations. The exhibition includes works by established international artists and designers such as winner of the London Museum of Design�s Designer of the Year award Daniel Brown, a master of electronic art and visual artist John Maeda, celebrated multimedia installation artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, as well as emerging designers such as Troika and Mehmet Atken. Decode is a collaboration between the V&A and onedotzero, a contemporary arts organization operating internationally with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and interactive arts.

The exhibition explores three themes: Code, Interactivity, and Network.

Code presents pieces that use computer code to create new works, and looks at how code can be programmed to create constantly fluid and ever-changing works.

Interactivity looks at works that are directly influenced by the viewer, inviting visitors to interact with and contribute to the development of the exhibits.

Network focuses on works that comment on and utilize the digital traces left behind by everyday communications, from blogs in social media communities to mobile communicationsor satellite tracked GPS systems. This section looks at how advanced technologies and the internet have enabled new types of social interaction and mediums of self expression.

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