Party’s applying for exhibition guide

1.Object:The party with 20 persons up.

2.Booking mode:
(1)Please supply application table on line 10 days before the scheduled date of visit, our art gallery will send you the receipt of party’s exhibition guide booking within 3 business days after receive your application.
(2)In order to insure the quality of the visit and exhibition guide, we do not accept the booking of the party with 100 persons up at the same period of the day.
(3)As for the party visit, they should check in at the service counter with the receipt on the day they visit, and our art gallery will supply the service of exhibition guide and explanation against the receipt. In case that not receive the receipt 2 days before the visiting day, please call our art gallery for confirmation.
(4)If visitors could not arrive at the scheduled time, please call our art gallery (86-1064771575) in advance, ifvisitors fail to arrive or late over 20 minutes without any reasons, our art gallery will cancel the exhibition guide, please forgive us.

(1)After arrive at the art gallery, the leader of the party should take the exhibition guide receipt to check in at the service counter. If the members are over 100, please first gather and divide into several groups at the square outside the art gallery and then wait for guide teacher to take you to the art gallery.
(2)In case of school party visit, the teacher should be the leader of the party, taking care of the visit and safeguard the safety of the students and orders.
(3)Ticket booking:For party ticket booking, the leader of the party should book the tickets for all of the others,in this way the collection of money will be quicker.

4.Contact mode:86-10-64771575