Q: How to get to CAFA by subway?
A: Dongzhimen Station (Line 2), take Bus 132, Huajiadi Nanjie Stop;
Wangjing Xi Station (Line 13), take Bus 471, Futong Xidajie Xikou Stop;
Taiyanggong Station (Line 10), take Bus 132, Huajiadi Nanjie Stop.

Q: Could I take drink and food into the art museum?
A: No.

Q: Could I take bag or camera in?
A: The camera and tripod could not be brought into the art museum (except for journalists and teachers). If there is no camera, food or drink in lady’s small purse, it can be brought into the exhibition area; bulky packages cannot be brought into, package can be stored on west side of the 1F hall.

Q: Is there shooting free?
A: Teachers and journalists can register a shooting license at the service desk with relevant certificates, and then you can take pictures.

Q: Could I book or buy tickets online?
A: Online booking or buying is not supported temporary. Group visit, please make reservations in advance; personal visits, please buy tickets at service desk directly. Group reservations hotline: 010-64771575

Q: Should I dress formal clothes to go to art museum?
A: No, Just dress properly. No flip-flops or slipper, gentlemen please do not wear sleeveless tops.

Q: I want to be an art museum volunteer, may I ask how to contact?
A: Registration can be submitted online, you can also call us, Tel: 010-64771575.

Q: Are art museum provide service for private use, or provide site hire service now? What about the charge?
A: Please contact the administrative department for details.

Q: As a large enterprise, we are interested in the site of CAFA art museum. We hope to do some cooperation or support, how to contact please?
A: Please contact the administrative department for details.

Q: Is there any wheelchair accessible and elevators for people with disabilities? Disabled people or elderly people can visit in wheelchairs? A: Smoking is prohibited in Art Museum, and smoking is not set.
A: Every exhibition halls in our art museum all have disabled access and elevator.

Q: Is there any place for smoking?
A: Smoking is prohibited in our art museum, and the smoking room is not set also.