Activities Application

Activities Application
Application Process:
1. Contact the foreign affairs office, administrative department, CAFA, confirm the site usage intentions.
2. The following contents need to be supplied in the application: (1) name of the exhibition; (2) place and time; (3) sponsor; (4) names, number and picture directory of the works to be exhibited; (5) value, insurance amount, transportation means of the works to be exhibited; (6) propaganda matters; (7) safety and safeguard;(8) preparation and removing of the exhibition, equipments and so on.
2. The documents above should be submitted to the principal of the administrative department, CAFA; and all above documents should be approved by leadership of our art gallery. After giving consent, confirm the rents and some other fees; also the date and type of payment.
3. The sponsor should come to the Museum to sign the following formal contracts within 2 weeks after receive the written confirmation of the Museum: ”The exhibition contract”,” preparing and removing exhibition security protocol”,” safety and security protocols ”,”safety power supply agreement”.